Shanghai International Optics Fair (SIOF) is one of the largest and officially recognized international optical industry and trade exhibitions in China. It is also an international optical industry exhibition with famous brands in Asia. Jointly held by China Optical Association and China Light International Holding Co., Ltd. In order to meet the needs of the market and obtain the approval of relevant government departments, overseas companies can participate in the exhibition, display international famous products, and let more overseas buyers come to visit and trade. There is also a special purchasing area in the International Pavilion to facilitate buyers to order their favorite glasses on the spot. China is the world's largest single glasses market, and the GDP continues to grow every year. People are getting richer and richer, and there is a strong demand for new time glasses

     SIOF is one of the earliest service projects of ViewShop, which has been cooperating for nearly 20 years. Here, we are very grateful for the heavy trust of China Optical Association, and we will live up to this trust. In the process of cooperation, we witnessed the development and changes of the glasses industry, experienced the innovation and breakthrough of the glasses exhibition, and cooperated with the glasses association to open up the European service market in 2015. In the future, we will continue to uphold the dedication the exhibition industry, continue to explore and innovate, and create more value with customers.

(Some of the above contents and pictures are from the official release of the organizer)